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Incremental profit. Proven daily. Without incremental work.

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Upside delivers personalized promotions to get more customers, buying more often, at your restaurant.

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Attract new customers without cannibalizing profits from existing customers

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Gain a significant competitive advantage by targeting competitor customers, discreetly

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Unlock more value from your customers based on their past dining behavior

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Pay only for proven results, and track your success daily

Tap into Upside’s user base to attract new customers

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Gain access to potential customers -- 80,000 in the DC-metro area, a number that grows by 30% every month -- who use the free Upside consumer app to save money on gasoline.

As many as 450 customers within a mile radius of your restaurant may already be using the Upside app, and completing 250 gas transactions at stations near you per week.

Upside can tap into this hyper-local, highly- engaged user base to bring new customers to you.

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Get your customers to buy more
Upside’s model has been proven to increase profitability at hundreds of gas stations in the DC-metro area -- results that will now extend to restaurants

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37% morefill-ups per month

Existing gas customers are purchasing gas 37% more at an Upside station per month on average.

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74% moremore in-store purchases per month

An existing store customer is purchasing in-store 74% more at an Upside station per month on average.

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34%average weekly return on investment

Every $1 invested in Upside returns $1.34 in profit beyond what would have been earned historically from Upside users

Pay only for margin-increasing performance

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You pay only for the additional margin Upside delivers.

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No hidden fees. No minimum fees. No monthly fee. No sign up fee. You get the point.

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It's that easy.

Results measured and proven daily
Every week you'll receive an email with your Upside data:

  • Upside customers: the number of your customers using Upside

  • Baseline revenue and margin: what you would have earned from these customers without Upside

  • Additional revenue and margin: what you earned from these customers thanks to Upside

  • Spend: How much you spent on promotions and incentives

  • ROI: The return on those promotions and incentives

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