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Upside Store Referral Program
Get Paid For Every Customer You Refer


Your customers get: $0.20/gal cash back bonus for first use.


You get: $1.00 cashier bonus for every new user referred to Upside once they submit a receipt and earn cash back.

How It Works

  1. 1

    Download the Upside app

    Install from either Google Play or the App Store .

    Button to download Upside iOS appButton to download Upside Android app
  2. 2

    Register for the referral program

    Register by filling out the following info below. 

    Click here to open the form in a separate page.

  1. 3

    Wait for confirmation email or text

    You will receive an email and text message from Upside when your referral code is ready.

  2. 4

    Start referring customers!

Ready to Refer?
Tips on Referring a Customer

  • When you work at the register, make sure you write your referral code on the Upside sign, and place it on the counter.

    Preview of the Upside sign
  • When you hand a receipt to a customer, hand them a referral card, too. (Write your code on the card before you hand them out.)

  • As you check-out customers, if they pay with a credit/debit card, ask if they’ve used Upside. If not, tell them about it. Customers love hearing about…

    • Earning up to 50¢/gallon

    • Finding better gas deals than they’ll see on the station sign

    • Downloading a free app for free money

Getting Paid for Every Referral
How It Works

  • Every day, we check all of the referrals to see if the user has used Upside. As soon as they use Upside for the first time, you’ll earn your $1 referral bonus. You will get an email telling you when you’ve earned a referral bonus.

  • This money will be deposited in your Upside account in the app. To get your cash, go to the Upside app and you can get your money sent to you through PayPal or we can mail you a check.

Contact us!

If you need more station signs, referral cards, or referral signs: email with your request.

We’d also love to hear your feedback and suggestions.